7 Suppliers Talk Sustainability

The UK trade show Fashion SVP talked to some of their exhibitors about the importance of sustainability in the industry today and what they are doing about it.  Here’s what they had to say….

Are ethical and sustainable credentials more important today? 

“Yes definitely, buyers are more demanding due to the public pressure they face.” Cap Est, France/Ukraine

"Yes, it is becoming more important. As an ECO approved factory it is incredibly important both from our own conscience as well as buyers. We have been improving our ‘green credentials’ and as a result we own a wind farm and a hydro power plant, plus we recycle the steam and water in our fabric mill." Akbaslar Textile, Turkey

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“Crucial, and increasingly more so.  Our challenge is to try and charge the least amount possible for the most amount of service whilst returning the necessary income to allow us to continue to invest in ethical and sustainable practices.  Without margin at both ends of the transaction there is nothing ethical or sustainable in the transaction.” Inter Mode International, India

 “Yes, this is something with growing importance these days.” Irmãos Rodrigues, Portugal

How are you dealing with sustainability issues?

"We have invested heavily in our machinery to specialise in eco-friendly treatments, such as the laser, ozone machines, bubble machines, jet machines for dyeing and EIM software. These help us to save water, energy, substitute chemical products and find new ways to treat garments. The feedback from our customers regarding this issue is extremely positive." Everest Textile Technologies, Italy/Tunisia/Pakistan

"We are a fresh young company based totally on sustainability from the start. Our products are completely sustainable (using organic, Fairtrade, BCI cotton, Tencel and Refibra) and we offer our customers total traceability." Anubha Industries, India

"We received GOTS certification last year. We are also in the process of the construction of new sustainable industrial facilities." Marjomotex, Portugal

Fashion SVP is a CO network partner and UK-based sourcing trade show held twice a year at Olympia London. Meet the above suppliers and over 100 more exhibitors on the 26th and 27th of June.

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